About me

Work in progress


My background.


Graduated from Uni with a Bsc (Birkbeck University of London) in 1999  with a degree in biological sciences learnt about biochemistry and plants and zoology amongst other disciplines. Gained an Honours degree. Since then I started a chemistry and computing degree course at Kingston Uni. Have made a study of medicine as a hobby and my twin sister is qualified in Food/consumer science who I consult regularly. I went to a very good school in Esher, Surrey called Claremont and got an excellent education there. I did A levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics


I've also sung in a band doing gigs around Kingston upon Thames. learnt ways of staying young (LOL) and discovering anti-aging foods.


My research is an ongoing and continual task.


Stella, 3 Aldersbrook Drive

Kingston upon Thames KT2 5TZ

Tel : 07758262153

Email: stellammarks@gmail.com